Our favorite place is gathered around the flickering flames of a Fire - with that in mind TerraFlame™ was established. Started in 2015, an inspired collection of fire features designed for your home and outdoor space. Fire relaxes, connects and rejuvenates us. Create a warm ambience to gather with friends and family or for cherished alone time. Contemporary to classic styles, fired by Gel Fuel by SunJel.


Fire indoors and outdoors. No smoke, no clean-up, just golden 7inch flickering flames. No chimney, plumbing, gas lines, or fluting is needed for our easy install gel fuel fired collection.

Our growing collection includes Fire Bowls for soft patio lighting, fire circle gatherings, and S’mores! The Lloyd Fireplace is a mid-century modern inspired design, free standing and ventless. Our Log Fireplace Inserts are self-contained concrete logs that bring that unused fireplace back to life. The Nero collection completes your patio set up. And, Torches create outdoor ambiance, with a transforming and dramatic light, and can be used on the patio or in ground.

Add a Little FIRE to Your Life™


All of our striking fire features are fueled by gel fuel canisters. Gel fuel is one of the cleanest burning fire sources available, non-toxic and safe to burn indoors and outdoors. Easy to light and extinguish, each fire feature ships with gel fuel. And to keep your dazzling flames burning, additional fuel canisters can be purchased in packs, or in our subscription Fuel Club. Gel fuel by SunJel is smoke free, and burns for up to 3 hours per canister. Beautiful golden flames, with sounds of real crackling wood, add warmth and ambient heat: 1 canister provides 3000 BTUs of warm radiant heat.

We are passionate about quality, design, and our customers. Integrating nature, craft and engineering into our collection and packaging solutions, we continually seek new ways to innovate.

We love to hear from our customers, please reach out with your ideas and suggestions.